Connecting Remotely

Connecting to GR-IX remotely

The GR-IX Partner Program allows third parties (partners) to resell GR-IX services to any remote location reached by their network. Thus, remote members, not present in any GR-IX POP, are able to connect to the exchange in a technically equivalent manner, but with reduced administrative complexity and costs.

The remote member buys GR-IX services directly from the partner, bundled with transport from the remote location to GR-IX and, possibly, with other services offered by the partner. In this manner, the remote member becomes a full GR-IX member and has access to all GR-IX services, including the public peering LAN, private interconnects, route servers, access to the portal and tools, access to the GR-IX technical support, mailing lists etc.

Benefits of connecting remotely

The remote members are full GR-IX members and have access to all GR-IX services, with the following additional benefits:

  • Reduced costs, compared to buying transport to GR-IX and GR-IX services separately
  • One-stop shop to receive the above services together with other services offered by the partner such as colocation, IP transport etc.
  • No investment in equipment and colocation on a GR-IX POP
  • More granular port capacities available


  • The partner multiplexes several remote connections into a single GR-IX port through different VLANs
  • The GR-IX port cannot be overbooked, i.e, the resold capacity cannot exceed the nominal capacity of the physical port.
  • Each remote connection is connected to the GR-IX platform in a manner similar to local (physical) connections.
  • The remote member participates to the public peering LAN, though which the other members (and the route servers) can be reached,
  • If the partner can support end-to-end vlan tunneling (eg QinQ 802.1ad), the remote member can also access private interconnects
  • The partner is fully responsible for the transport between the remote member to the GR-IX port. GR-IX does not specify the technology or any other transport specifications, neither does it set any quality standards (eg delay, jitter, loss, overbooking etc).

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