Become a Partner

The GR-IX Reseller Program

The GR-IX Reseller Program allows third parties (partners) to resell GR-IX services to any remote location reached by their network. Thus, remote members, not present in any GR-IX POP, are able to connect to the exchange in a technically equivalent manner, but with reduced administrative complexity and costs.

The remote member buys GR-IX services directly from the partner, bundled with transport from the remote location to GR-IX and, possibly, with other services offered by the partner. In this manner, the remote member becomes a full GR-IX member and has access to all GR-IX services, including the public peering LAN, private interconnects, route servers, access to the portal and tools, access to the GR-IX technical support, mailing lists etc.

Click here for more details and benefits for remote members.

Benefits of becoming a Reselling Partner

By becoming a reselling partner you are able to:

  • Receive significant discounts on GR-IX services, which can then be resold to your own customers at any price
  • Business benefits from enriching service portfolio with GR-IX services


  • The partner cannot resell GR-IX services to itself
  • The partner cannot resell GR-IX services to an existing GR-IX POP
  • The GR-IX port cannot be overbooked, i.e. the provisioned services on the GR-IX port cannot sum up to a value exceeding the port capacity. (However overbooking is allowed anywhere else within the partner’s network)


  • Remote Members: Please contact your preferred partner to receive a quote.
  • Reselling partners: Click here to see GR-IX prices for reselling partners.