Infrastructure & Topology

GR-IX is a distributed Internet Exchange with presence in three locations in the wider Athens area and one location in Thessaloniki.


Every site is equipped with Ethernet switches where the members connect and exchange traffic. Juniper QFX10002-72Q, QFX10002-36Q and ΕΧ-4600 switches, are used in order to cover the GR-IX::Athens needs in port density, redundancy and performance. The IXP fabric is build upon an EVPN/VXLAN setup.

The three sites in Athens, are interconnected with dark fibre. DWDM equipment (ECI Apollo OPT9624 and OPT9624L) together with Nokia PSI-M DCI solution, are used in order to upgrade capacity in these fibres, according to the current needs. In this manner, the GR-IX services on all sites are unified and the members can exchange traffic among themselves regardless of the site where they are physically connected. Also the existence of multiple sites allows for site redundancy for members that choose to connect to more than one locations.

The capacity between each switch and PoP is show below:


Members may choose to connect with GR-IX::Athens on 1Gbps, 10Gbps or 100Gbps Ethernet ports, with multiple interface types available for each port speed. If requested, multiple ports of the same speed and on the same site can be bundled.

Especially for ATH01, collocation services can be provided as part of the GR-IX services; on all other sites such services are provided directly from the owner of the facility (separate bi-lateral agreement is required).


In GR-IX PoP in Thessaloniki, Juniper ΕΧ-4500 and ΕΧ-4200 switches in stacked configuration are used, in order to cover the GR-IX::Thessaloniki needs in port density, redundancy and performance.

Members may choose to connect with GR-IX::Thessaloniki on 1Gbps or 10Gbps Ethernet ports, with multiple interface types available for each port speed. Multiple connections of the same member are distributed on the infrastructure in a fashion that reduces SPoFs and maximizes availability (e.g, by distributing connections on different members of the stacked switch). If requested, multiple ports of the same speed and on the same site can be bundled.