GR-IX Services – Pricelist 2021.01.01

In effect since 01.01.2021

Resease date: 9.12.2020

Recurring Monthly Fees (€)

100 Gbps 1450
40 Gbps* 1450
10 Gbps 500
1 Gbps 150

* Implemented as a bundle of 4x10G ports

One-off Installation Fees (€)

100Gbps LR4 (1310nm) 1000
10Gbps ΕR (1550nm) 1000
LR (1310nm) 500
SR (810nm) 300
1Gbps LX (1310nm) 150
SX (810nm) 100
TX 0
Other types of ports/interfaces upon agreement

Promo offer for 100G: Order one, get a second one for free in the same PoP!!!

As part of a promotion towards further growth of the exchange, every member who orders a 100G port gets a second 100G port in the same PoP, for 2021, free of monthly charges.

Promo offer for GR-IX::Thessaloniki: 50% discount for 2021!!!

As part of a promotion towards further growth of the exchange, all recurring and one-off fees for GR-IX::Thessaloniki connections, get 50% discount for 2021.


  • Prices are in euro (€) and they do not include VAT (24%).
  • A signed Service Order Form is required in order to install, modify or cease the aforementioned services. Special offers explicitly stated on the Service Order Form prevail this pricelist.
  • One-off installation fees are calculated based on the effective price list on the delivery date.
  • Recurring fees for each service are calculated, starting from its delivery date, for the entire period that this service is offered. If the start or end date of a service does not align with the first or last day of a calendar month, the corresponding recurring fees are calculated proportionally, for the days that the service was offered to the days of this calendar month.