Launching GR-IX::Thessaloniki

GRNET launches GR-IX::Thessaloniki the new, independent isle for Internet traffic Exchange in Northern Greece

GRNET is pleased to announce the launching of a new, independent GR-IX isle, located in Thessaloniki, Greece, in order to promote internet traffic exchange in Northern Greece. GR-IX::Thessaloniki, after its initial beta phase that lasted three (3) months, will greatly improve connectivity, quality and speed of Greek Internet, for every Internet user in the Northern Greece region. Moreover it will decrease the overall costs. It is hosted in SYNAPSECOM S.A. colocation facility following an agreement with GRNET.

GR-IX is a neutral, non-profit Internet Exchange having as a major goal the acceleration of the growth of the Greek Internet. It interconnects the biggest internet companies who operates in Greece, such as ISPs, content providers, cloud operators etc. GR-IX is owned and managed by the Greek Research & Technology Network (GRNET S.A.), which acts as a “third trusted entity” and ensures its neutrality.

Prof. Panayotis Tsanakas, CEO of GRNET stated: “The establishment of a new independent isle of GR-IX in Thessaloniki, is of strategic importance, as it is expected to stimulate the local Telco and Internet business in the region of Northern Greece as long as attract new providers from abroad who willing to broaden their business in Greece”.