Pre-holiday season traffic records!

We were having an issue with our graphs from the 13th of December. The peaks of the traffic level were amplified because of fake spikes. Due to this issue we were not sure about the real peaks and we probably missed a couple of records.
We fixed the issue last Tuesday. Now that our graphs are again accurate we are happy to announce that we had a new traffic record on Wednesday and another one on Thursday!
Specifically, on Wednesday we hit 868 Gbps of total traffic and on Thursday 875 Gbps! GR-IX::Athens contributed 858 Gbps on Wednesday and 863 Gbps on Thursday!
We are also happy to see the traffic levels of GR-IX::Thessaloniki rising again. Hopefully, we will have some records there soon!

Happy holidays!

The graphs,

Wednesday, 20/12/2023

Thursday 21/12/2023