Reselling Partners’ Pricelist 2018

In effect since 01.07.2018
Release date: 14.11.2017

Reselling Partners’ Pricelist

The partner sets up one or multiple GR-IX ports, where resold services are multiplexed. The cost for each port is calculated as the sum of the (base) port fees, plus the fees for each resold service, provisioned on this port:

Base fees for Physical Ports (€)

The following fees apply for each physical GR-IX port that the partner (reseller) uses:

Physical Port Speed
Recurring fees
(per month)
One-off fees
10 Gbps
200 0
1 Gbps
70 0

Cumulative fees for Resold Services (€)

For each resold service, provisioned on a partner (reseller) port, the following fees apply cumulatively:

Resold Capacity*
Recurring fees**
(per month)
One-off fees**
10 Gbps 400 500
2.5 Gbps 300 200
1 Gbps 150 100
250 Mbps 120 0
100 Mbps 80 0

* If the capacity of a resold service does not match any of the capacities listed, the fees of the immediately higher available capacity apply.
** A one-month, free-of-charge, trial period is provided for all resold services. The one-off fees are charged after the end of the trial period, given that the resold service is maintained.


  • Prices do not include 24% VAT.
  • A signed Service Order Form is required in order to install, modify or decommission ports or services. Special offers, explicitly stated on the Service Order Form, prevail this pricelist.
  • One-off installation fees are calculated based on the effective pricelist on the delivery date.
  • Recurring fees for each service are calculated, starting from its delivery date, for the entire period that this service is offered. If the start or end date of a service does not align with the first or last day of a calendar month, the corresponding recurring fees are calculated proportionally, for the days that the service was offered to the days of this calendar month.
  • Recurring fees for physical ports are waived for periods where no resold services are configured on them or the recurring fees for these services are zero.