Success Story: Cyta

Cyta Cyprus strengthens its network and improves its users’ experience by connecting to GR-IX.

Τhe case of Cyta (Cyprus)

Cyta is a leading provider of electronic communication services in Cyprus, offering fixed and mobile telephony, internet, networking, international connectivity and cloud services. Cyta also operates in Greece and the UK (

The need to connect Cyta’s internet infrastructure to the rest of the world led Cyta to seek technically superior and cost efficient methods to interconnect with other ISPs, major content providers, and data centers.  Cyta’s main objective was to reduce round-trip delay (RTD), packet loss and IP hops, in order to improve its customers’ internet experience on voice services, on-line gaming, and other latency sensitive services.  At the same time, Cyta aimed in achieving the above with minimal cost in terms of international internet connectivity.

Moreover, since many of Cyta’s business and domestic customers are interested in Greek content, Cyta researched the viable options for cost-effective, reliable, high-capacity and high-quality means to exchange large volumes of such traffic, and selected GR-IX.  GR-IX is the best option because it provides instant direct access to multiple ISPs, data centers, content and service providers in Greece and the neighboring region, through a single connection.  It offers commercial benefits and enhanced business opportunities with other GR-IX members, and it strengthens Cyta’s market position in Cyprus and internationally.

Cyta’s customers now enjoy faster content delivery on the island, while Cyta enjoys significant cost savings on upstream bandwidth, improved network reliability, and resiliency. All these create a competitive advantage for Cyta.

Highlights: Cyta Cyprus & GR-IX successful partnership

Mr. Christakis Christophorou, Project Manager, Core IP Networks Cyta Team:

“In a very short amount of time we enabled and tested our connection and soon after we began exchanging traffic with most of the connected networks.  From the initial stages of completion and going into full operational mode with GR-IX, we have verified that our service quality has improved significantly, achieving minimum RTD and AS (Autonomous System) hops to Greek content and towards other networks connected to GR-IX”.

Mr. Phaedon Loizides, Head of Core IP Networks of Cyta:

“Connecting to GR-IX was the most effective way (financially) to directly exchange internet traffic with all Greek ISPs and other big internet players operating in GreeceGR-IX personnel were very helpful.  We are very satisfied with the overall cooperation, and the business and operational benefits achieved as a result of choosing to work with the GR-IX team”.

Mr. Costas Psillides, Manager Core Networks of Cyta, stated:

“Cyta, as the leading Telecommunications Provider in Cyprus, committed in providing high quality services to its end customers, partnered up with GR-IX in the most effective way, financially and technically, and managed to offer its customers faster internet experience including Greek content and other services.  Today, Cyta’s customers enjoy direct internet access with minimum RTD to critical and sensitive services located in Greece, while at the same time they enjoy automated redundancy through our transit connections, ensuring business continuity. The co-operation with GR-IX has been excellent and very much valued in all respects”.

Mr. Andreas Polyrakis, GR-IX Manager at GRNET, stated:

“We are delighted that CYTA, a leading ISP in Cyprus, has joined GR-IX.  Cyprus and Greece exchange large volumes of internet traffic, so having Cypriot ISPs in GR-IX makes perfect sense from a business, financial and technical perspective.  Attracting international players is of key importance to us, in order to grow our Internet Exchange and deliver value to our members”.

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