Partners Pricing

This is a pilot service -- not yet in production!
Pricing for Partners -- not for remote members
Valid since 01.01.2017

Parner Pricing

The partner needs to set up one or several GR-IX ports, where resolded services are multiplexed. The cost for these ports are:

Port Fees (€)

Fees per GR-IX port:

Monthly fee
Once-off fee
10 Gbps (LR 1310) 240 500
1 Gbps (LX 1310) 90 150


Monthly Connectivity Fees (€)

Fees per provisioned service:

Port Speed
10 Gbps 480
2.5 Gbps 360
1 Gbps 180
250 Mbps 150
100 Mbps 100
50 Mbps 80

(If resold speed does not match, the immediately higher speed is used)


  • Prices do not include 24% VAT.
  • A signed Service Order Form is required in order to install, modify or decommission connectivity services. Special offers explicitly mentioned on the Service Order Form prevail this pricelist.
  • Once-off installation fees are calculated based on the effective price list on the delivery date.
  • Monthly connectivity fees are calculated for periods that correspond to calendar months (January, February, etc) and are charged in full even if the service was provided only for a part of this month (eg. if the service was installed any date after the 1st of the month, or was decommissioned before its last date). Charging for each month is done according to the effective price list for that month. In case of a service modification (eg upgrade or downgrade), charging for the corresponding month is done based on the higher price.
  • If an interface is replaced and the price of the new interface type higher than the old one, only the price difference is charged