GRNET inaugurates a GR-IX PoP at the MedNautilus Datacenter at Metamorfosi

Athens, Greece.

The Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET) inaugurates a GR-IX PoP at the MedNautilus Datacenter at Metamorfosi.

The GR-IX is the Greek Internet Exchange Point (IXP). It is an important national infrastructure that interconnects the major players of the Greek Internet, such as Internet service providers and content providers, and facilitates the seamless exchange of Internet traffic (IP) among them. The aim of GR-IX is to improve connectivity, quality and speed of the Greek Internet, while reducing the cost of accessing it.

Installing an additional GR-IX node in MedNautilus premises in Metamorphosis, capacity 4000 sqm, is an important step towards increasing the availability of services of GR-IX. The new node is interconnected via optical fiber with two existing points of presence of GR-IX in Attica, thus allowing the exchange of traffic between them, regardless of the point of interconnection of each member, while offering the possibility of geographic redundancy for members that choose to connect at multiple points

“About a year and a half ago we began a major effort to restructure and extend the GR-IX so as to upgrade its role as a national infrastructure and maximize its benefits to the Greek internet. The inauguration of the new node at the MedNautilus’ datacenter is an important step in this direcation”, said President and CEO of GRNET, prof. Panagiotis Tsanakas.

Dimitris Kapetanakis, Commercial Director of MedNautilus Greece, said: “The choice of GRNET to cooperate with MedNautilus Greece, a leading datacenter provider in the Greek market, with three buildings with capacity of 8000 square meters, confirms the growing needs for data exchange between companies operating in the area of ​​Greek Internet with greater speed, flexibility and security. This collaboration gives to the customers of MedNautilus access to the GR-IX services with significant benefits to all parties involved”.